Stylish Speedboat –  combines stylish lines with high performance

LENGTH: 7.2 M/ 23 FT | Price: THB 30.000 – 45.000 | Lying: Phuket

The Catch One 23 might be the smallest and lightest among our sea vessels, but she’s not far behind in terms of speed. With a maximum speed of 30 knots, this 750 Flyer allows guests to quickly get from one point to another and visit all of the islands on their customized itinerary. And, with her cruising speed of 25 knots, she lets guests sit back, relax, and observe the breathtaking views that they’ll pass by while exploring the Andaman Sea.

The Catch One has a length of 7.2 meters (23 feet) and a beam of 2.52 meters (7 feet), and it’s large enough to accommodate a maximum of 4 guests. She’s a great choice for small groups of tourists who want to explore Thailand’s beautiful islands without having to share boat space with anyone else.

With her professional and experienced captain, coupled with luxurious deck end service, the Catch One can provide a memorable experience to guests and help them have a great time during their trip. Guests can stay comfortable throughout their entire trip with the vessel’s foldaway upholstered bench seat and foldaway seats on each side of the bench.

The Catch One is a favorite among amateur and professional anglers who want to test their skills on the Andaman’s waters. With her state-of-the-art touchscreen Raymarine A65 display, anglers will find it easy to chart their route and find the biggest game fishing grounds. The Catch One is also popular among water sports enthusiasts since she helps them enjoy a wide range of fun and exciting activities, including wakeboarding and water-skiing. Snorkelers also love the boat since she allows them to reach the best snorkeling spots in Thailand and have a wonderful experience.

The Catch One 23 is available for full-day private charters throughout the entire year. With a maximum rate of THB 45,000 during the peak season, she can easily fit into the budget of even the most price-conscious traveler. She’s definitely a great choice for those who want to enjoy the comfort and luxury of having a private boat charter but don’t want to spend a fortune. Use our online booking form today to reserve the Catch One for your vacation!

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